Women of the Silk Road

70/57 min.

Their footsteps, they formed trails that led to Rome. Through their handicrafts, they wove the designs of the European Renaissance. What lies in their hearts will shape the future of our world. “Women of the Silk Road” portrays the lives of four women from four countries of “Iran, Oman Turkey and Tajikistan.”

It is a celebration of life, a lyrical film, that portray the independence and the economic empowerment of these women from the rural areas; the nomads, the bedew and those that go unnoticed. I believe these stories represent a different angle from the standard perception of Muslim women. Through centuries generations of women of the Silk Road have lived through their handicrafts connecting East and West but what truly connects us to one another is our commonalities; our love, our dreams, our personal stories.

In these trying times of mistrust and division between the East and the West I hope that my camera shall act as a source of illumination to enlighten the hearts and minds of all peoples across the cultural divide. Maybe this film, even in a very small way, will be able to promote a better understanding between people of the world.