14 min.

Making Love & Unity was like attending the school of Life. While making it I learnt so much. More than words can write. More than pictures can show. More than I can capture in 14 minutes. Reading Rumi as a child and growing up with his poetry; going to Konya was not only my dream but dreams of many Iranians or many others in the world. My aim was not just to capture the dances of the Turkish Sufis but to reach beyond borders, to open a window. A window to a different meaning of Islam. Living in today’s world of misunderstanding and divisions among East and West, Rumi can be the answer. He connects us all regardless of our faith and believes showing us the road to peace, harmony and love. Ms. Esin Celebi, Rumi’s decedent brings a fresh and unique presence to this film. An unexpected meeting in Konya.

As Rumi would have wanted I hope for this film to raise questions among those who wish to change the world for better and those who know so little about diversity and harmony.