Having lived in the West and Iran I always felt there was something extra that was not covered in the Western media; the realities of Iranian people, their life and their openness to foreigners. For many years, it has been and is the country one should be afraid of. This was true when Khatami came to power. At that time, I wanted to make films in the region. I met an Italian journalist in Tehran through a friend and she gave me the idea of making this film by sharing her own personal experiences. It truly was a special time. I could make the film with the help of a friend who became the co-producer. It is a look at Iran and Iranians at the time through the eyes of different women from EU, Africa, and the USA. Their personal stories, their experiences, their fear as they arrived and the true souvenir they would take back when leaving Iran.

I still remember the sentence of an American housewife who had moved there with her husband and three kids. “I learned much about life from our gardener, Hasan and the cook Fatima who helped me to see Iran and Iranians with their smile and kindness. If I could I would take them with me and color photos to show the people in America instead of Black and White”.

Like her, I tried to portray their realities and colorfulness of life in Iran. Unfortunately, at the time and years later no one wanted to see the good life and memories of these women. Maybe to this day we prefer the politics not the realities of the people.

I believe we are all one and of same hopes and struggles. It would be wonderful to see each other without the dark glass of media,
To understand, to hear and see each other as we are. As Rumi says.