30 min.

Ziba, the girl in the photo: “my father has one leg and my mother’s hands are abnormal.I wish I could tell people I am the daughter of a Leper, yet I am healthy like most people. I wish people were not afraid of my parents or me. I wish for my child to have a better life”. Their faces are different from yours and mine, but they have a heart and soul bigger than most.

Bababaghi, or the “Garden of Father”, is a leper colony in the Northwest of Iran. Today four generations live in Bababaghi: the lepers, their children and grandchildren. They have been in relative self-isolation due to the fear of most of Iranians who know so little about leprosy. Many of us do not know that lepers can be cured, live a normal life and have healthy children.

Even in the current times, people do not visit Bababaghi and are still afraid of the children of lepers. When I embarked to make this film, many were not willing to join me so I am especially thankful for the film graduates who live in Tabriz. The film became the base for many charity events and brought greater understanding and financial help. It became a venue to help the younger generation attend college or university; though only their teachers know where they truly live. Now I am a frequent visitor of Bababaghi. Through this film I was able to change, and expand the visions of many and learn the biggest lesson of life: HOPE.