In April 2002 shortly after the fall of the Taliban, Iranian filmmaker Yassamin Maleknasr embarked on a remarkable journey across Afghanistan from Herat to Balkh, the only woman and filmmaker to have traveled such distances since the end of the regime.

The resulting film, Afghanistan, The Lost Truth is a fascinating look at the people, culture and landscape of the country-and the optimism that endures despite the countless tragedies the country has suffered. Gripping interviews with people from all walks of life include an emotional conversation with filmmaker Siddiq Barmak, director of the acclaimed Afghan feature Osama, which offers powerful insight into the overwhelming challenges faced by artists and filmmakers under the Taliban. Maleknasr’s thoughtful dialogues combine with stunning footage from all regions of the country to paint a vivid portrait of Afghanistan today.

Above all this film aims to go beyond the limits of Burka, to reveal women’s real lives.”